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eTable Utilities

Essential data tools for Microsoft Excel

eTable Utilities is a set of tools designed to provide automated solutions for analyzing and manipulating data. With eTable Utilities you can compare lists, create, sort, and define relationships to hierarchy lists, perform quantitative and qualitative studies on text content, list files, move, copy, or delete files, filter for duplicates, filter by colors, perform multiple edits to text, show or hide columns and more… Try it for free today.



Great for home and office

IntelliCabinet revolutionizes the way you organize, find, access, and share files and folders on your computer. It streamlines tasks and also allows you to create custom columns to associate details to files and folders creating a searchable custom catalog of information about your files. Are you tired of going through folder after folder to get to the documents you need? Have you ever wanted to create custom columns for files to define relevant information? IntelliCabinet does just that and more. Try it for free today.

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Welcome To Thinking In E, LLC.


We believe in working smarter not harder.

We work smarter by partnering our brains with technology to increase productivity, quality, and knowledge through streamlining and automation to eliminate task driven waste.

We accomplish this by providing cost saving solutions to remove barriers and bottlenecks while bringing forward unrealized automation opportunities that are designed to transform the intellectual know-how into software driven solutions, which results in increased throughput and less expenditures.


Company Overview


Thinking In E is an innovative solutions provider, which prides itself on developing high quality software applications, meeting the needs of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our Strategies


Our strategies are to leverage multidisciplinary skill sets to provide high-end competitive software solutions that offer a significantly high return for a low unbeatable customer investment.

Product Line

IntelliCabinet -
Custom management of files and folders

eTable Utilities -
Essential tools for working with data in Excel


Product footprint

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Iran
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Ecuador
  • Uzbekistan
  • Romania
  • Singapore
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